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Rob Munday currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.


Born in UK in 1961, Rob works across a wide range of visual arts in mixed media with an emphasis on design and social comment. After many years as founding member and president of Cairns’ Tropical Artists Guild (TAG), he followed a career in advertising, where he continues to work as a Creative Director.


During the 1970’s – 80’s Rob was heavily influenced by the emerging socio political scenes in England, where he bounced between the alternative and squatting scenes in Somerset and London.

He attended Somerset Art College for 4 years, during which time the alternative counter culture shifted from the ‘hippy hangover’ to a more socially provocative punk scene, driven by expressive music and a new social awareness. He became politically active during the Thatcher years, helping associates produce anti-tory literature and produced his own socio-political artworks ranging from photocopy art to one-off T-shirts.


He arrived in Cairns in the early 80’s and worked briefly with Cairns CYSS (community youth support scheme) to facilitate a creative and commercial screen-printing offer. Rob had a leading role in establishing the Tropical Artists Guild, a community arts facility and movement, which he represented as president. His personal work remained political and poignant, using screen prints, statements and photocopy art as his lead mediums. He wrote and co-produced community radio shows as a music curator and later co-developed a format for TAG’s own broadcast ‘Glad Rap’. He led the group to produce the ‘ Son of TAG’ magazine, which enjoyed 7 issues. As president of TAG, Rob networked locally and statewide.


Numerous group shows including:


Crackerbox Palace

Raintrees Arts Centre


Over the past decade (to 2016), Rob continues to network with Australian and New Zealand Artists and creative minds.

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