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Galerie Brutal, Fortitude Valley Brisbane – Artist-Run Initiative Ephemera – ARI Zines Newsletters – 1989 -1992

Galerie Brutal

Galerie Brutal was a “non-funded non-profit Artist-Run Initiative located on the first floor, 21 Gipps Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Q 4006. Initiated and managed by artists David Stafford and Rebekah Fogarty in 1989 who in collaboration with many artists, designers and co-creatives reactivated an illegal gambling casino into a lively gallery, artist studios and events precinct.

Exhibiting artist including Amanda, Carl Breitkreuz, Hairy Dog Fashion Design [Mark Wilson] , Matt Dabrowski, Graham Deller, Saul Edmonds, Rebekah Fogarty, ISM Art and Design, Tim Mansfield, David (Lawrence) Stafford, Christine Anne-Turner, Katarina Vesterberg, Marytanne Venables, Lisa Schipper, Christian Pfaff, Lee McClymont, Marina Jetnikoff, Natalie Jeremijenko, Rod Bunter and many others…

ARI Zines/Newsletters from John Waller Artist Archives: Shared June 2018

John Waller Artist Archives

Yenda Carson Artist Archives

Brutal News May issue 1991 (with sandpaper cover) Courtesy Yenda Carson Archives (shared June 2019)




Brutal News May issue 1991 (with sandpaper cover ) , Entropy Invite IMA Galerie Brutal collaboration curated by David Stafford Courtesy Yenda Carson Archives ( shared June 2019)Bek Schembri
6 July at 07:44
One of the agendas when we started Galerie Brutal was to circulate a monthly booklet of ideas called Brutal News. It was an open forum often featuring artist pages as well as our monthly exhibition programming and publicity for Brutals social events. 
In those days it was all done by hand, cut and paste and illustrated by David Lawrence Stafford. 
I’m so proud that the whole series representing 3 years of activity is safely archived in important public collections across Australia. 
Galerie Brutal 
21 Gipps St
Fortitude Valley