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Franz Ehmann

Established in 1997 by Franz Ehmann and Charles Robb, Soapbox gallery was an artist driven initiative located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane


Austrian | Australian artist Franz Ehmann


Franz Ehmann (b. 1963, Austria) lives and works in Brisbane, Australia.

From 1979 to 1982 he completed an apprenticeship as a chef. He worked and lived in Switzerland until 1986 where his interests were in nouvelle cuisine and seasonal produce. In 1986 he migrated to Australia, arriving in Adelaide. He received a BA in Fine Art from the NTU in Darwin now ( Charles Darwin University ) in 1991.

Beehives with Heather
Beehives with Heather at Glen Mark

His first exhibition was at Gallerie Autodidakt, Bregenz, Austria in 1976 where he exhibited paintings and prints. Franz Ehmann was a partner in the artist run space Whitebox gallery in Brisbane from 1996 to 1997. He opened Soapbox gallery in Brisbane which he directed from 1997 to 2005. Soapbox Gallery operated as an incubator for ideas, installation practices, photography, video and other forms of visual communication. In 1999 in partnership with the Institute of Modern Art Brisbane he published ‘Soapbox – installation practices and artists’ which was followed by ‘Heterostrophic’ in 2002. Three monographs of his own work have also been published.  ‘The blue room of humanity’ in 1997 coincided with his exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art as was ‘Open Panorama’ in 2000 and ‘Speaking the world into existence’ in 2005.

Since 1992, Franz Ehmann’s works have been based on food and materials related to cooking. There is a philosophical and conceptual link to the work that can be sustained through existential and ontological inquiries. Prepared food and its waste have dominated the theatrical language of many installation/performance/video works that hold symbolic and metaphorical significance. The focus and intention of these materials are their existential and phenomenological functions. Being in this world means to embody this world. The world is ingested, digested and wasted. A worldly theatre therefore embodies alienation and conciliation and is ultimately humanistic.


His first artist residency in 2000 was in Sri Lanka, which coincided with an exhibition at Barefoot Gallery and were he also curated the Artlink show of that residency with Sri Lankan and international artists. In 2007 he participated with a residency at Sydney’s Artspace and its attached program of performances and sculptural work practices. He presented his first solo show in Germany at the BBK Galerie in Augsburg and at the same time participated at the Vienna Biennale in the autumn of 2008. In his artwork text is a constant force of refining the physical and experienced environment.


Franz Ehmann introduced newspapers in 2003 after years of using the papers to protect the wooden floorboards from being paint splattered. Every bit in the newspapers represents values, data and communications on every imaginable level. At one point it becomes clear that everything counts that little bit more or becomes utterly absurd. Work and labor is never far from Franz Ehmann’s installations as if there is an escape route in all of this. His first public installation had its premiere at Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, in 2005 under the statement ‘questioning the questions of this world’. These Installations and performances reappeared in the following years to the present. Franz Ehmann reworks the exhibitions from week to week and serves meals at the opening event. On the menu you will find Soft polenta with pan-fried mushrooms, Balsamico and Grana Padana and Pumpkin Risotto. The performance pieces are staged in and around gallery locations. These actions have been performed by him in Australia, Austria and England and are absurd and laughable. He holds a newspaper ball in both of his hands above his head or carries it on the back. These actions are documented and become photographic prints for future exhibitions.


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Various Private Collections


Born: Ehmann Franz in Graz Austria, 1963


Masterclass with Alison Knowles, New York artist

B.A. Fine Art, N.T. University, Darwin, Northern Territory (Charles Darwin University)



Exhibition co-ordinator at 24 Hour ART, Darwin


Director of Whitebox gallery, Brisbane


Director of Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove campus, Brisbane


Lecturer in media studies/sculpture, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane


Eyeline – publishing, Brisbane, Board of directors


Panel discussion, BARI Festival, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane



Many Things (it’s a colourful world), SGAR, Brisbane

Creatio continua, Haus der Kunst , Munich, Germany


1 Biennale der Künstler im Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany


Words that changed the world and influenced the weather, FOE 156, Munich, Germany

Words that changed the world and influenced the weather, SGAR, Brisbane


There where you are not, Factory49, Sydney


Songs that changed the world and influenced the weather, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, S.A.

Fourteen, Factory49, Sydney

Cheap philosophies, Schwartz Gallery, London, UK


Yes we can, Lisi Hämmerle Galerie, Bregenz, Austria


Vienna Biennale, Vienna, Austria

Relentless (without beginning nor end), BBK Galerie, Augsburg, Germany

Maximum acceleration, Conny Dietzschold Multiple Box, Sydney


Aftermath, Artspace Sydney, artist residency and exhibition, Sydney

Maximum acceleration, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane

ARC Biennial, Queensland University Technology Art Museum, Brisbane


Questioning the questions of this world, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane

Questioning the questions of this world, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide

Speaking the world into existence, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Speaking the world into existence, Artspace Mackay, Mackay Qld


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Speaking the world into existence, Esa Jäske Gallery Sydney

Speaking the world into existence, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Through the mouth, into your existence, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane

Thinkthank, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide

Where is my mind, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Love at the end of a days work, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Eveningmeal with 6 o’clock news, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane

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Almost there ( again… ) , Casula Powerhouse, Sydney


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Milk table for parliament, Darwin Festival, Northern Territory

A ladder for everyone, Whitebox gallery, Brisbane


Memos for an un-known person, Michael Burke gallery, Brisbane


Loneliness + Wailing Room, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

From the human museum of forgiveness: Eine weisse Geschichte, Randall Studio, Brisbane

Milk+Poem, From the human museum of laughter, Randall Studio, Brisbane

Emotional Architecture, collaboration with Architect Peter Besley, Gallery 331, Brisbane


Sprachenfuge – Language fugue, Kiss my art, Brisbane


Inside the beehive and a museum for everyone,an installation for everyone and no-one, 2 movements, M.O.C.A. and Space Plentitude, Brisbane


Inside the beehive, everyone’s land, Territory North Theatre, Darwin

Human Generation, collaboration with Lynnette Voevodin

N.T. Centre for contemporary art – Darwin

Chameleon contemporary art space – Hobart, Arthouse – Launceston


Junge Talente, Gallery Atelier Autodidakt, Bregenz – Austria

Group Exhibitions


Remix: Objects&Sculptures, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney and Cologne

Artstage Singapore


Creatio continua, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

25 Years Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney and Cologne


Group show with Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney

Turn around, Schwartz Gallery, London, UK

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Group Show, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney and Cologne

Public sale, Kunst Pavillon, Munich, Germany

Annual Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney

Non-objective Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney


New Skin, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane

In der schönen neuen Welt, Koloni, Dresden, Germany


Changed conditions ahead, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane

Plan B, Kleine Altstadt Galerie, Dachau, Germany

In der schönen neuen Welt, Dachauer Wasserturm, Dachau, Germany


Little white door show, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane

Artist makes video, art rage survey 1994 – 1998, Dell Gallery, Brisbane


December group show, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane

Artlanguage – every publishable place, The Cross Art Project, Sydney, Australia

Painting, John Gordon Gallery, Coffs Harbour, NSW


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This is love, Rocketart, Newcastle

This is love, 24HR ART, Darwin


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Parallax, Umbrella Studios, Townsville


Artlink 2000, Barefoot gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Re-site, curated by Jacki Wurm, 24 HR ART, Darwin


Artrage, video works for television, ABC-TV, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Artspace, Sydney, etc.

Constructed in the field of the other, Artspace, Sydney

Corps, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Art Nineties, University Art Museum, Brisbane

Wax, Soapbox gallery Brisbane


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Q.C.A Art Gallery + Toowoomba Regional Gallery

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Dining on the abdomen, First Draft West

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Künstlerhaus Dornbirn, Austria


Gallery Autodidakt, Bregenz – Austria



Artspace, Sydney, Aftermath project, performances and exhibitions


Artlink 2000, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Randall Studio, Brisbane

Performance Events

2007    Forever young, Artspace, Sydney

2005    100 actions, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane

2001    Almost there ( again … ), Casula Powerhouse, Sydney

1999    Wishlist, Nexus multicultural art space, Adelaide


Constructed in the field of the other, (Very Little … Almost Nothing) Artspace, Sydney

Worldlypain-Worldlyspirit , Soapbox gallery , Volt,  Brisbane Festival

1997    Memos for humanity, Artspace, Sydney


Gesture (Everyone is a Destiny) and Bodymilk, Bartleme Gallery, Brisbane

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How to explain forgetting to the forgotten and

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Brisbane, writers Ihor Holubizky and Linda Carroli

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The Blue Room of Humanity, published by the IMA, Brisbane




Das männliche Körperbild


Das Objekt


Diaspora, hand made book 10 copies only, Linda Carroli


Memos for the next millennium, Linda Carroli


Memos for an un-known person, Tracey Smith


Inside the beehive and a museum for everyone.

Publications, catalogues and books

2012    Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art in History, Amelia Jones, Adrian Heathfield

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Curated exhibitions


Open Sky, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia


This is love, Umbrella Studios, Townsville

Thing, Rocketart, Newcastle

Killing time, contemporary photography, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Taken!, photography,  Soapbox gallery,  Brisbane

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Residue, reinstallations, University of Southern Cross Performing Art Gallery, Toowoomba

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Human, exploring the limits of physicality, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane

Colourfield, abstract paintings at the end of this decade, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane


Art=Nature, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane

Gravity, Yarra Sculpture Space, Melbourne

Writing + Voice as Sculpture, Soapbox gallery, Brisbane

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Das männliche Körperbild, Whitebox gallery, Brisbane

Diaspora, curated for the department of social and political justice, Whitebox gallery, Brisbane

Das Object, Whitebox gallery

Garagesaal, curated for the department of social and political desire, Gallery 331

Artworks are in private collections, Australia ( Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory ), Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy

Art works held in Australian Institution:

Artbank, NSW, Australia

Gold Coast Art Gallery, QLD, Australia

State collection of Vorarlberg, Austria


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